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Driver Side Airbag FE Model

FE模型使用Hypermesh和 LsDyna开发。
The FE model preprocessing was developed using Hypermesh and LS-DYNA.

Model Information:

1. Combine file (Driver Side Airbag Model-V2.k)

2. Vehicle model file (Model.k)

This file includes the complete vehicle model (parts, materials, sections, connections, nodes, elements, etc.)

3.Control Card (Card.k)

4. Model units: Mass: ton (1000kg) Length: mm Time: s Force: N

模拟车辆碰撞情况下方向盘下的安全气囊的展开模型;该 FE 模型使用 Hypermesh 和LS-DYNA 开发,集成方向盘的动态碰撞模拟座椅有限元模型。

Simulate the deployment model of the airbag under the steering wheel in the event of a vehicle collision; This FE model was developed using Hypermesh and LS-DYNA, integrating a dynamic collision simulation seat finite element model with the steering wheel.



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