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HGV 10Ton Truck FE Model

FE模型使用Hypermesh和 LsDyna开发.
The FE model preprocessing was developed using Hypermesh and LS-DYNA.

Model Information:
1. Combine file (HGV_10Ton.k ): Main file

2. Axles folder:This file includes Front and Rear axles k file

3. Cab folder:This file includes Front and Rear axles k file

4. Engine folder:This file includes Engine k file k file

5. FlatBed folder:This file includes FlatBed k file k file

6. Frame folder:This file includes Frame k file k file

7. Shared folder:This file includes the complete Shared  model (Constrained, Contact, Material…)

8. Stuff folder:This file includes Air_Tank, Batteries,Fuel_tank,Spare_Wheel  etc…k filek

9. Suspensions folder:This file includes Front and Rear axles  ,Stabilizer_Bar  k file

10. Wheels folder:This file includes Front and Rear,Wheel_Linkage.k file)

11. Model units: Mass: ton (1000kg) Length: mm Time: s Force: N

This file contains a computer model of a 10 ton Articulated Heavy goods vehicle designed to simulate  test, according to EN1317 standard.
この文書には、EN 1317規格に基づいてシミュレーションのために設計された10トンの牽引大型トラックのコンピュータモデルが含まれている。


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