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Seat Front Sled Crash FE Model

FE模型使用Hypermesh和 LsDyna开发.
The FE model preprocessing was developed using Hypermesh and LSDYNA.

Model Information:
1. Combine file (H3_50TH_Sled_FR_Crash.k ): Main file
2. Seat model file( Seat.k ): This file includes the complete frame model (parts, materials, sections, nodes, elements, etc.)
3. Sled model (Base.k) : A sled model for simulating Crash
4. Control Card (Card.k): The card includes solution control and result output control.
5. Contact models (Contact.k): This file includes connections
6.Hybrid III Dummy model file (H3_50TH.k) : This model contains recommended procedures for performing dummy positioning and post‐processing (response extraction) using LS‐PrePost (Hybrid III 50TH Dummy).
7. Load file (Load): Acceleration curve for simulating crash
8. Model units: Mass: ton (1000kg) Length: mm Time: s Force: N

模拟车辆 100%重叠正面冲击固定刚性壁障,加速度为20G, 试验车辆在前排驾驶员放置一个 Hybrid III 型 50 百分位男性假人,用以测量前排人员受伤害情况;该 FE 模型使用 Hypermesh 和LS-DYNA 开发,集成安全带的动态碰撞模拟座椅有限元模型。

Simulate a frontal collision with a fixed rigid barrier, with a collision speed of 20g. Place a Hybrid III 50th percentile male dummy in the front driver of the test vehicle to measure the injury situation of the front passengers; This FE model was developed using Hypermesh and LS-DYNA, integrating a dynamic collision simulation seat finite element model with seat belts.

車両の100%重複正面衝撃固定剛性壁障壁、加速度は20 Gで、試験車両は前列運転手にHybrid III型50百分位の男性偽者を置いて、前列人員の傷害状況を測定する、このFEモデルはHypermeshとLS-DYNAを用いて開発され、統合シートベルトの動的衝突シミュレーションシート有限要素モデルである。

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